The art of distribution: Rams at the Opera Plaza and other case studies

I’m puzzled.

I’m puzzled because I just cannot understand why Rams, a film that garnered large acclaim at film festivals around the world is ONLY being released to the Opera Plaza Cinema here in San Francisco this week. I love the Opera Plaza, and in no way mean to diminish a local theatre, but this film has much more reach than the small capacity of those screens.

Here’s the trailer:

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Movies Come in Pairs: The legacies of Disney & Jobs

In theatres and streaming online today is a pair of engrossing documentaries about two of the best salesmen known to man, Walt Disney and Steve Jobs.

These two men were owners of the zeitgeist in their respective times, capturing the imagination of and inspiring a generation. They exist with near mythical status and those who idolize them tend to ignore certain key aspects that don’t suit their narrative. Namely, that despite their raw talent and drive they were human and had many faults.

I’d like to start with Walt Disney.

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Lunchboxes, Clay, and Dinner

Over the past decades technology and globalization have increasingly leveled the playing field in terms of the cinematic quality of films across the globe. In turn, many foreign films, previously unique in form, have begun to gain an increasingly Hollywood aesthetic. This “Hollywood-ization” of foreign cinema is nowhere more evident in films like Italy’s The Double Hour, or France’s  Heartbreaker. This year India shows it too has joined the global 1D aesthetic with The Lunchbox, an endearing film so local in story yet universal in theme.

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