SF Silent Film Festival: Tonight at the Castro

Of all the film festivals to grace the Castro Theatre year-round, the SF Silent Film Festival is one of it’s finest gems. Coming to us at the tail end of spring, each year this festival provides viewers with a taste of visual history. It reminds us how far (and at times how little) the medium of cinema has grown over time. Tonight is closing night so if you have a chance, head on over to the Castro for some Buster Keaton magnificence!

I mean this literally!

And you thought that scene from The Bachelor (1999) with Chris O’Donnell was original didn’t you?

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What I’m watching this week: Finding Vivian Maier at The Clay

Less a film review and more a recommendation, I’m going to see Finding Vivian Maier this evening and I think you should definitely join me!

This film entices me as it’s a documentary about the accidental fame of an artist, by which I mean Vivian being a woman who created art for herself and not the public. I love documentaries about art lacking in ego. I’m thinking of films like Herb and Dorothy, Journal de France, or Jazz on a Summer’s Day. 

Here is the trailer

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