When I was trying to think what I would name my blog, I was watching Rome Open City so you’ll have to excuse the kitsch. I’d moved back to San Francisco to pursue working in the film arts community and was nervous about the transition, but as I marveled at how such intricate and different filmmaking cultures exist here to make such outstanding cinema, I hoped to find a way to express my respect for it. In cinema I see disparate parts forming something great and believe that that happens in this city every day. So whatever the experience, whether in cinema, food, or travel, I am filling the popcorn bag with stories for you to enjoy.

SF Open City

To fill the blog, I hope to bring you film reviews and cover the year-round festivals that bond specialty film professionals around the bay area, to let you in on the thriving and expanding world of film.

There is so much to learn and I would love to share my knowledge and training with you.

Thank you for taking the time to enjoy film as it surrounds this open city by the bay with me!

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…or contact me at sfopencity@gmail.com


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